Haskap Wine

A small but serious fruit wine industry is beginning to emerge in Saskatchewan. This is due, in part to recent legislation which aims to nurture successful grape and non-grape, cottage wineries. These wineries are driving a search for fruit which is reliably productive and hardy, while resulting in a quality fermented product. Some of Saskatchewan’s fruit wine makers have discovered Haskap, and are beginning to see the full potential of the fruit. Haskap is a fruit which has rich color, is full of flavour, and depending on the recipe, could be adapted for both fruit wine and dry table wine markets. Some tasters have even gone as far as to say the wine made from Haskap has a flavour comparable to grape wines like Cabernet Sauvignon.


9 Responses to Haskap Wine

  1. Maria says:

    Where can i buy haskap wine in SK please or Calgary?

  2. eric kotelko says:

    riverlot orchards winery in st louis sask

  3. Maria Kudienko says:

    Hello. Where can I buy this wine?
    Many thanks

  4. Nina says:

    Haskap wine can be found in Ontario as well.

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