Haskap Liqueur

From Edible Blue Honeysuckle:

A very small batch of Edible Blue Honeysuckle liquer is on the way…..nearly 3 months away. It gets turned every day to dissolve the sugar and it is interesting to see the intense color!

I think I will need to mash the hulls of the berries sometime in this next week or so but I was thinking it might stay less tart if left it alone. There is lots of juice. The color is quite red in my pictures but the liquid is more blue than red. The flash probably washed out the color.
One of the sources of seed for this winters planting comes from native Edible Blue Honeysuckles growing in Nova Scotia. I am very curious about these plants and how they will do in our climate. The rest of the seeding will be from my own plants this time as well as a few more seeds of Russian source. The Russian source seeds produced very tall slim seedlings so they will also be interesting to follow.

4 Responses to Haskap Liqueur

  1. Liam says:


    The Haskap Growers’ Association of Nova Scotia has a new website with lots of information on the Haskap, varieties of berry, how to grow it, recipes etc at http://www.haskapnovascotia.com


  2. Yukon Brewery in Whitehorse Yukon Territory, has made a haskap liqueur and grappa. The liqueur sold out and the grappa would please any native Italian!

  3. John Robertson says:

    How do you reduce your berries to make a liqueur, will be adding alcohol. We are growing our own berries and want to try a liqueur for personal use. This is the first year we have enough berries to try something.

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