Dried Haskap Berries

In Hokkaido I purchased a package of dried haskap, which I prompt lost for almost 2 years. When I found it in the bottom of my closet, I was hesitant to eat it. After all, food preservatives are not allowed in Japan. I scrutinized the package and saw no signs of mold. I tried one and it was fine, then another and another. I stopped munching when I realized I hadn’t taken a picture of it yet. When you look at figure 1, realize that the package when purchased looked full. That package had 60g of dried fruit which cost 1229 yen or $14.55 CDN. That would be $110.09 / lb! The size, colour, texture and flavour were remarkably similar to raisins. The only obvious sign that it was haskap was the occasional appearance of seeds.


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