I wonder if the comment about expect 7kg per plant of Pure Russian varieties is a word of mouth change of what I told growers a few years ago? We once had 7Kg on one plant of one variety (Tomichka also called Blue Belle) but the year before and year after was about 4kg on that same bush. The plant was 7 years old.

Japanese growers say that good plants produce about 3kg. That was a group of the leading growers at a meeting in Hokkaido who told me that. A few Russian papers that I have read show a great deal of variability between varieties but some of those papers are judging young plants at 3 years old.  When I got 7kg on that bush I thought it was a record   The estimate of Tundra at 4kg is based on a guess of being a bit above average because the berry size was about 50% larger and the plants looks to have as many fruits as its father, Tomichka, had at a young age. But the mother is perhaps 10% shorter than Tomichka.

I think a major factor on variable yield is having rain during bloom.  A plant that fruits so early should have enough time to recover and have another full crop.  We stopped tracking the yields of those 1st plants because the waxwings were religiously devouring that original row and seemed oblivious to the acre of berries in a nearby field.  We didn’t want to cover them forcing the waxwings to look elsewhere.

Haskap seeds are most similar to tomatoes.  Like tomatoes they have a
slippery goo around them that you don’t notice when eating. They are flat like tomatoes but are half to 1/3rd the size.

– Bob Bors on the NAFEX list, January 21, 2012

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