Pruning Haskap

From Craig Larsen,

At several haskap workshops over the years pruning has been addressed.  As far as one method being more beneficial to the plant/fruit production than another, trials are still under way.  However, there are some notes that I took during workshops, as well as simple field observations that led me to prune in the manner that I did before foliage began to appear in the spring.


2 Responses to Pruning Haskap

  1. Chad Gilmore says:

    Hi Craig,

    I have 1000 Haskap plants here in BC going onto our 4th year. Last year our 3rd we finally got a good crop of berries but it became very clear I need to do some pruning. Not a lot of info out there and in fact your comments here are the first I have found on the subject.

    I see the date was 2013, are you happy with your results a couple years later? Any newer tips that maybe I could employ in my own patch?

    Chad Gilmore

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