Haskap Canada FAQ

The following Frequently Asked Questions were gathered from various sources. The answers are provided for general information only.

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Q1. What does Haskap taste like?

Q2. How big do Haskap plants grow?

Q3. How long does it take for plants to start producing berries?

Q4. What is the expected yield from a Haskap plant?

Q5. Can I grow Haskap organically?

Q6. What is that grey powdery stuff I see on the berries?

Q7. Where can I get Haskap plants?

Q8. What can I make with Haskap berries?

Q9. Where can I get more information about Haskap?

Q10. How long will the plants live?

Q11. I have a shrub in my back yard that looks like Haskap but the berries taste very bitter, do you know what they might be?

Q12. I have heard that Haskap grow wild in boreal forest areas of North America, is that true?

Q13. I think I could make money producing Haskap. I’m planning to put in 160 acres of Haskap next spring. Do you have any advice for me?

Q14. I read an article in the press about Haskap that said it is worth $10 a kilogram, is that true?

Q15. I understand that you have recently sent a fruit sample to Japan for testing. Were the results favorable?

Q16. Are all edible blue honeysuckle plants called Haskap?

Q17. What is the scientific name for Haskap?

Q18. Who can become a member of Haskap Canada Association?

Q19. I just purchased some dormant Haskap plants at the garden show. How should I care for them until its time to plant them in the garden?

Q20. Where can I go to see Haskap plants and fruit?

Q21. How can I get more information both Haskap?