New Pollinator – ‘Aurora’

‘Aurora’ is a new haskap variety released to propagators in 2012. Likely it will be available to fruit growers and gardeners in 2013 or 2014. ‘Borealis’ was released in 2007 and is widely available. Both ‘Aurora’ and ‘Borealis’ are undergoing Plant Breeder’s Rights Certification with Agriculture Canada. ‘Aurora’ was selected to be a companion variety for ‘Borealis’ but will also pollinize ‘Tundra’, and ‘Indigo’ series Haskap. ‘Aurora’ gave excellent set when hand crossed to all those varieties and was observed to bloom in sync with them. What are companion varieties? It’s when the varieties are desirable and will pollinize each other for good fruit set.

Click for larger image.

Similarities & differences between ‘Aurora’ and ‘Borealis’

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