New for 2017 – Boreal Beauty

‘Boreal Beauty’ is an exciting new haskap that opens up an entirely new season for Haskap growers: It had fruit fully ripe a month after most varieties were finished in 2014! Its plant and berry characteristics fit all categories that I’ve been looking for in haskap suitable for mechanical harvesting. Berries are heavy, firm, mostly oval, and hold onto branches with just the right amount of force and taste great. Bushes are strong and upright growers and show no signs of mildew and are very productive. Almost all our large-fruited haskap cause branches to bend over, but not ‘Boreal Beauty’, her branches remain strong and upright. I only wish I had early and mid-season ripening versions of this variety! I suppose the occasional tip on some of the berries, which make many of the largest berries look like a heart, could be a disadvantage, but that could be a charming aspect too for fresh sales. Put the heart shape ones on top of the package. Its berries are almost as heavy as ‘Boreal Blizzard’ berries although they are only 2/3rds as long. But they are considerably thicker.

Boreal Beauty

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