New for 2016 – Boreal Blizzard

‘Boreal Blizzard’ was so named because the fruit size, productivity, and flavour stopped us in our tracks. Like a major winter storm, ‘Boreal Blizzard’ was hard to forget when evaluating all other haskap in our breeding fields. It has the 3rd largest haskap we have ever seen in our breeding program. The largest one didn’t taste good (‘Boreal Blizzard’ tastes great!) and the 2nd largest had wimpy branches that fell over and crept along the ground. I’ve not seen anything this big elsewhere else. It surpasses the largest haskap that I saw on my visit to Hokkaido and sounds larger than any variety description that I have read. ‘Boreal Blizzard’s berries are more than twice as heavy as ‘Tundra’ or ‘Borealis’ and are 3 times heavier than the largest varieties in our trial a decade ago. I’ve noticed most variety descriptions on the internet neglect to mention the weight of their berries. This is because some haskap can have air pockets within the berries and long thin berries don’t weigh much. But some Haskap are very meaty and heavy, and ‘Boreal Blizzard’ is one of them.

Boreal Blizzard

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3 Responses to New for 2016 – Boreal Blizzard

  1. Ed Arena says:

    I would really like to grow Boreal Blizzard where can I purchase a few plants in the usa
    Thanks Ed Arena

  2. Ed Arena says:

    Thank you, I will give them a try

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